Super Cold

Project Name: Super Cold

1 week

Team Size: 4

Producer/Sound Designer:Rachel Rodger

Artists:Tai Ching Cheung/ Iris Hwang

Atul Goel (Me)

Super Cold is by far my favourite project so far and has a funny story behind it. This project was completed in just 1 week( instead of usual 2 weeks) in a smaller team. Since we were short on time as well as programmers, we took different parts of ideas from different people and made the most absurd game possible.

You are on a cliff and are being attacked by glass zombies that bleed rose petals. Your only weapon is a baseball bat with blood on it.

We didn’t want a storyline there, we wanted to create something that’s fun. The final product was way more fun than we had initially expected. We received praises for our sound feedback and

Here’s a video of our game being tried out by Daniel Cohen for the first time.

  • Super Cold is designed to have 3 different stages.

  • In each stage the speed, the spawning points, and the type of the zombies are different.

  • The zombies will always target the guest and can be pushed off the cliff.

  • We had to make a lot of design decisions