Producer/ Sound Designer: Ricardo Tucker

Programmers: Naomi Burgess, Atul Goel (Me)

Artists: Alan Turner, Shian Jian

Duration: 2 weeks

This game was simple. Open and close doors using an HTC Vive controller and guide your character through the maze while avoiding all the guards.


About the team

I couldn’t have asked for a better team for my first round. We had Ricardo Tucker as our Producer and Sound Designer, Alan Turner and Shan Jian as artists and Naomi Burgess and me as the programmer. Due to the small size of the team and time constraints, everyone was a designer. When I say that I couldn’t have asked for a better team, I mean a more balanced team. I have experienced project going south just because the most experienced person in the team declared himself the leader. Here we were all equal, courteous and open to ideas.


How it all started? The idea was totally random. A team of 5 people was playing around with the thought of making a weird green alien move around in a maze when the idea of using doors suddenly came in. It didn’t fit well, and we were about to move ahead when someone suggested that we use a simpler level design, that is more linear and easy to understand, and voila! Ricardo got up and started drawing something that later became the first level of our game.

What did I do?

I helped design the initial iteration of the game. I worked with the Artists to flesh out initial levels and characters. Then I worked on the level design and mechanics, while Naomi Burgess worked on the door mechanics. The most difficult part was combining both of them.

I learned a lot about working in a multidisciplinary team and struggled my way through source control, which was a totally new concept to me.