My Projects

Personal Projects

Small demos I made because either I was intrigued by some idea or because I wanted to learn something new. Some of them are totally random.

Role: Product Owner/ Developer

Skills Used: Unity, C#, Raspberry Pi, Arduino

Project Playgrounds

We created a Google Assistant based experience to help guests pick their drinks!

Role: Lead Web Developer

Skills Used: JS, Canvas API, Philips Hue API, Machine Learning, Dialogflow

Miracle Workshop

Converting a hand puppet into an industry grade animatronic. I created a show control system and designed pipelines for animators.

Role: System Architect

Skills Used: Robotics, Java, Show Controllers, Conductor, Industry grade servos (Dynamixels, Ultramotions)

Super Cold

Smash glass zombies in VR using a baseball bat.

Role: Unity Programmer

Skills Used: Unity, C#, VR, HTC Vive

Project Togo

VR experience of Togo's journey to deliver vaccines to Nome, Alaska

Role: Unity Programmer, IT Support

Skills Used: Oculus, Unity, C#, VR

A Fox Story

A touching story of growing up told in a low-poly world in VR. The player assumes the role of fireflies that teaches the baby fox how to survive.

Role: Lead Unity Programmer

Skills Used: HTC Vive, VR, Unity, C#

Door Master

A puzzle VR game where the guest had to open/close doors to guide an alien.

Skills Used: CAVE, Unity, C#, Makey Makey


A tower defense style game in AR spiced up with voice recognition in Hololens.

Role: Gameplay Programmer

Skills Used: AR, Hololens, Unity, C#

Visual Story

"People don’t buy products, but rather the stories these products represent."

Role: Photographer, Producer, Video Editor

Skills used: Story Telling, Photography 101